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Do you have a tire pressure monitoring system and are you wondering if there’s an auto repair technician in the La Crosse area who has excellent skills to take a look at it? The auto mechanics at Courtesy Car Care don’t just know about tires--they also work with tire pressure monitoring systems all the time. These days, auto mechanics have to know more than just how to turn a wrench. They need to have knowledge of the onboard computers, which makes them more auto repair technicians.

Tire pressure monitoring systems are critical to your car’s proper operation. The tire pressure monitoring system helps regulate tire pressure. If your car’s computer system detects low tire pressure, the tire warning light will turn on. Low tire pressure affects the braking, handling, and traction of your vehicle. It’s handy to have a light warning you of what’s going on with your tire pressure. If the warning light starts to blink, it may mean that your tire pressure monitoring system is malfunctioning.

When you need someone to adjust or repair your tire pressure monitoring system, the technicians at Courtesy Car Care are well-qualified and ready. If you’re driving around the Holmen area and the warning light starts to blink and stays on despite the tires being properly inflated, stop by or make an appointment. And if you have a flat tire, we have 24-hour towing service. We also offer six-month, no-interest financing. We have a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. We have free loaners for extended repairs as well as local pickup and delivery for your convenience. We know you’re busy, so we can give you a ride to or from work. We’re proud to say that we exceed our customers’ expectations.

We’d love to work on your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system and learn more about you. Schedule an appointment today. 

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